Good Neighbours – A Wise and Well Event, Friday 21st October 2016, Shrewsbury

Good Neighbours – A Wise and Well Event

Friday 21st October 2016

9:30am to 2:00pm

Central Baptist Church
Claremont Street

Essential information for anyone working or volunteering within our local communities to prevent the isolation of others.

To book, contact Lisa Darkin on 01743-342162 or r email

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Freedom Shropshire Newsletter, Edition 25, September 2016

Freedom Shropshire Newsletter, Edition 25, September 2016.

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Funding available for voluntary and community sector research

Grants worth up to £4000 are on offer to the voluntary and community sector in Shropshire. Launching the fourth year of its Research Grant, Healthwatch Shropshire is calling for proposals that will focus on the experiences of people from across Shropshire, whose voices don’t tend to be heard, who use health and social care services.

Healthwatch Shropshire is interested in parity for all the many different populations who live in Shropshire who use services, whether it is physical health services, mental health services or social care services.

For more information, visit the Shropshire Council website:

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Conference to highlight financial abuse

A conference to highlight the financial abuse of adults at risk is to be held at the Aston Villa ground tomorrow (Tuesday 27 September) organised by Midlands Trading Standard Officers.

The conference will look at the role that Trading Standards can play within a multi-agency approach to safeguarding people at risk from financial abuse.

The event which is being organised by the Central England Trading Standards Authorities brings together 14 local authorities from the West Midlands.

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“Tired Gender Analysis” for tackling domestic violence – Always beating up on men

The University of Queensland’s Kim Halford suggests that perhaps three-quarters of a million children witness both parents engaged in domestic violence.

Eva Solberg is a Swedish politician, a proud feminist who holds an important post as chairwoman of the party Moderate Women. Last year she was presented with her government’s latest strategy for combating domestic violence. Like similar reports across the world, this strategy assumes the only way to tackle domestic violence is through teaching misogynist men (and boys) to behave themselves.

The Swedish politician spat the dummy. Writing on the news site Nyheter24, Solberg took issue with her government’s “tired gendered analysis”, which argued that eradicating sexism was the solution to the problem of domestic violence. She explained her reasoning: “We know through extensive practice and experience that attempts to solve the issue through this kind of analysis have failed. And they failed precisely because violence is not and never has been a gender issue.”

Solberg challenged the government report’s assumption that there was a guilty sex and an innocent one. “Thanks to extensive research in the field, both at the national and international level, we now know with great certainty that this breakdown by sex is simply not true.”

She made reference to the world’s largest research database on intimate partner violence, the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge project, which summarises more than 1700 scientific papers on the topic.

She concluded that her government’s report was based on misinformation about family violence and that, contrary to the report’s one-sided view of men as the only perpetrators, many children were experiencing a very different reality: “We must recognise the fact that domestic violence, in at least half of its occurrence, is carried out by female perpetrators.”

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AXIS Couneslling, Counselling Clinical Lead Position, Job Advert

Axis logo

Counselling Clinical Lead

Competitive Salary

4 days per week

Axis Counselling is looking for a motivated and resilient Clinical Lead to head our specialised counselling service working with childhood sexual abuse rape and sexual assault.

The post-holder will work between our Shrewsbury and Wellington offices 4 days per week.  The position includes counselling and supervision of the counselling team.

Full details are on A PDF advert you can print, save and share is available by clicking here.

Closing date: 21st September 2016

Interviews: 26th September 2016

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Revenge porn: More than 200 prosecuted under new law

More than 200 people have been prosecuted since a new revenge porn law came into force in England and Wales last year, a Crown Prosecution Service report on crimes against women shows.

The director of public prosecutions said the cases were part of a trend of crimes committed through social media.

The use of the internet to control and threaten victims was rising, she said.

Domestic abuse and sex offences make up 18.6% of CPS cases, with prosecutions and convictions at record levels.

So-called revenge porn often involves an ex-partner uploading sexual images of the victim to cause the victim humiliation or embarrassment.

It became an offence to share private sexual photographs or films without the subject’s consent in England and Wales in April 2015 , with a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.

The CPS report said 206 people were prosecuted for disclosing private sexual images in the first year of the offence.

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CPS prosecuting and convicting more cases of rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse than ever before

According to the CPS, today a rape, domestic abuse or sexual offence case is more likely to be prosecuted and convicted than ever before:

The Crown Prosecution Service is prosecuting and convicting a record number of rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse cases, a report published this week shows.

The CPS’s annual Violence against Women and Girls report shows that rape, domestic abuse and sexual offences now account for 18.6 per cent of the CPS’s total caseload and this figure has been increasing year-on-year. In 2015/16, the CPS prosecuted 117,568 defendants for all crimes grouped together as Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG).

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How happy are our young people?

Office for National Statistics –ONS- measures of children’s well-being.

To coincide with the Children’s Society’s new Good Childhood report, ONS has shared their measures and analysis of children’s well-being.

They use data from the Children’s Society household survey to measure children’s well-being.

In 2013-14, teenage girls were over 3 times as likely to be unhappy with their appearance as boys.

In 2013-14, UK teenage girls were over twice as likely to spend 3+ hours a night on social network sites than teenage boys.

ONS measures support the Children’s Society research showing parental relationships are important to child well-being.

For more on Measuring national well-being: Life in the UK: 2016 from ONS, follow the link below:

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The Good Childhood Report 2016 – Gender gap in happiness

The Good Childhood Report 2016 is the Children’s Society’s fifth in-depth study into children’s well-being.

The Children’s Society has produced the report in partnership with the University of York as part of a ground-breaking research .

This year’s findings:

· There is a growing gap in happiness between girls and boys.

· Girls are less happy than they used to be, we have seen more 10 to 15 year old girls unhappy with their lives over a five year period.

· Children’s direct experiences affect their well-being more than factors further removed from them.

For the full report, visit The Children’s Society website:

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