Bexley firefighters help victims of domestic abuse

There were 94 cases of arson in domestic abuse cases across London in 2015

A ground-breaking scheme has been launched by firefighters in Bexley with the aim of helping victims of domestic violence to rebuild their lives.

The course – Families Inspire Respect Security and Trust (FIRST) – offers help and information for parents requiring psychological support, as well as those needing assistance in accessing education and employment services.

Children are also taught a range of life skills, including first aid, online safety, healthy relationships, mental health wellbeing and team-building skills.

Bexley firefighters set up the course due to concerns about the number of domestic violence cases involving arson, which numbered 94 across London in 2015, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The initiative is the first set up by the UK fire service to receive the prestigious ‘White Ribbon’ status for work in the community on domestic abuse.

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[Caution] Domestic Abuse – One Day Conference

Domestic Abuse:

Different People, Complex Causes, New Approaches

Friday 13 May 2016, The Midland Hotel Manchester, Peter Street, Manchester, M60 2DS

Domestic abuse is an area of high importance, but also a controversial field with overarching debates around the role of gender and the effectiveness of interventions for people who use abusive behaviours and violence in their intimate partner relationships. Often victims are held responsible for their partner’s abusive behaviour resulting in the long term impact on their own health and well-being as well as their role as a parent…….

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National Stalking Week – 18th April – 24th April

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We’ve got stalkers in our pockets

A study has found that more than a third – 36% – of stalking victims are tormented via cyber methods.

Carried out by YouGov and commissioned by the Suzy Lampugh Trust, the poll surveyed 4,054 British adults.

It found that more than 18% of women and nearly 8% of men have suffered “repeated and unwanted contact or intrusive behaviour” which causes “fear or distress.”

The study, titled The Stalker in Your Pocket, found that the 36% of stalkers who choose to harass people online are using apps such as email, Facebook, Twitter, dating websites and apps, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and Snapchat to get to their victims.

The research uncovered what the Suzy Lamplugh Trust called the “massive scale” of stalking, both online and off. It was released ahead of National Stalking Awareness Week, 18-24 April.

Researchers Dr. Raj Persaud and Dr. David said that social media is being used as a “new weapon” in stalkers’ armoury – a weapon that we can’t escape.

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Freedom Shropshire Newsletter, Edition 20, April 2016

Freedom Shropshire Newsletter, Edition 20, April 2016.

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Scotland: Clarity needed on proposals to create offence of domestic abuse

Clarity is needed on proposals for a new law of domestic abuse if it is to help those affected by either physical or psychological abuse, says the Law Society of Scotland.

In its response to a Scottish Government consultation which sought views on a draft provision to create a specific offence of ‘abusive behaviour in relation to a partner or ex-partner’, the Law Society said a clear definition of the offence was needed.

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The Scottish Government consultation on a draft provision to create a specific offence of ‘abusive behaviour in relation to a partner or ex-partner’:

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Murdered Wife – Police fail victim of domestic abuse

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Archers domestic abuse story: we need to talk about male victims

In the Guardian, Michael White looks at male victims in the light of the Archers domestic violence plotline in which the long suffering victim of the story ended up stabbing her husband.

This article looks at violence from women as well as men’s violence against women.

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NCDV Latest Newsletter – April 2016

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The stalker and the woman who refused to give in

What’s it like to be stalked for a decade? One woman tells her story.

‘This sort of thing can happen to very ordinary people and I should know, because I’m very ordinary. It’s pervasive and it’s common.

We first met about 25 years ago when we both worked for my in-laws’ family business. He was good company, a bit eccentric, but an interesting man to talk to.

We eventually became close family friends. He got to know my husband and his parents and we even made him godfather to our son’.

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