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Researchers in Glasgow to get funds to study the link between football matches and domestic abuse

Glasgow researchers are getting new funding to look at the relationship between football and domestic abuse in Scotland and England.

The four-month project has been given £23,000 from the Sir Halley Stewart Trust, which focuses on preventing human suffering, particularly when involving families and social aspects of unemployment and crime.

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Home Office Domestic Abuse Teenage Campaign – News on social media campaign in New York

There’s a new social media campaign in New York designed to educate teens, young adults, and others about teen dating violence.

The social media campaign is a video by teens for teens and this campaign comes as Governor Andrew Cuomo has proclaimed February Teen Dating Violence Awareness/Prevention Month.

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For more information and advice on teenage abuse visit the ‘This is abuse’ website:


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Six brave stories stories of domestic abuse

There are six powerful and heartening stories on Ted Blog which focus on areas of domestic abuse.

In the first video, Leslie Morgan Steiner shares, what she calls, her ‘Crazy love’ story and focuses on answering the question of:

‘Why domestic violence victims don’t leave’

In the second video, Theresa Flores shares ‘hope and healing’ through her personal experience of human trafficking and finding a voice through a bar of soap.

In the third video, Jackson Katz argues that domestic violence against women is a men’s issue and uses a clever, simple and effective illustration to support this.

In the fourth video, Javier Espinoza shares how he has turned his own pain of living in a domestic abuse home as a child into a powerful force in helping others experiencing domestic violence. His own childhood experiences help gives an insight into how children are affected by domestic abuse.

In the fifth video, Pamela Taylor shares her own personal experience of domestic abuse and how this has given her the passion to set up and run a not for profit organisation helping disadvantaged women to build their skills and get jobs.

And finally, Tony Porter from ‘A Call to Men’ bravely shares his own experience of growing up and the expectations on him as a boy and then a man. Tony explains the collective socialisation of men, known as the ‘Man Box’.

To view any or all these videos, visit Ted Blog:


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New figures from the Office of National Statistics on domestic violence agianst women in the UK

The new data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveals that there are an estimated 1.4 million women who have suffered domestic abuse in the last year and that shows an increase from the previous year of 1.4 %.

The violent crime figures show that domestic abuse remains a widespread problem which affects more than 8.5% of women every year.

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50 Shades is domestic abuse campaign

As the new film, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ had its UK premiere, campaigners protested against the sexual content of both the film and the books it’s based on.

Campaigners believe that ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ glamorises domestic abuse.

In 2012, Natalie Collins launched the 50 shades is domestic abuse campaign, to find out more visit below website:

This controversial film has been released around Valentine’s Day and Natalie Collins says ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ portrays an abusive relationship and has asked:

“Is it romantic when somebody tracks your phone, when somebody knows where you live before you tell them, sells your only means of transport, or buys the company you work for? How can you marry that with being romantic?”


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Health Education England to launch FGM E-learning

In March this year, Health Education England (HEE) will be launching a new e-learning resource designed to improve the knowledge and understanding of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) amongst healthcare professionals in the NHS.

In the lead up to the launch HEE are encouraging everyone to visit the website below to find out about how NHS staff, including school nurses, practice nurses, health visitors and GPs can gain access to this free interactive e-learning resource.

There is a free Introductory session which is already available to access:

For more information, visit the NHS Health Education England website:


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Taking Charge of Your Life Confidence Building & Life Skills Course

Taking Charge of Your Life Confidence Building & Life Skills Course

4 Day Course


Shrewsbury – Whitchurch – Market Drayton – Bridgnorth – Oswestry – Ludlow

Taking Charge of Your Life, Jan – Aug 2015 (PDF)

Taking Charge 4 week outline (PDF)

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West Mercia Police – Committed to tackling FGM

FGM imageWest Mercia Police support International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation and inform us that more than 60,000 girls have been affected by FGM in the UK.

Visit the West Mercia Police website to follow their tweets and find out more information on their response to FGM, Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence:

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International Zero Tolerance to FGM

Today is the International Day of Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and after 30 years of waiting, the first ever case against FGM to be brought before the UK courts, ended this week in a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

However, those who campaign against this terrible practice which has been illegal in the UK since 1985, remind us that the focus should be on preventing women and girls from being cut in the first place. There is a need to break the cycle of FGM which is passed on from generation to generation. There is a need to work with communities across the world to ensure that people are aware of the harmful effects of FGM. And there is a need to work with the women and girls themselves to ensure they are aware of their rights.

In simple terms, FGM involves cutting the genitals of a girl, usually aged between infancy and 15. It’s painful, bloody, distressing and can lead to health complications such as cysts, infections, infertility and complications around childbirth.

More than 140 million girls and women alive today have undergone FGM. And another 86 million will be subjected to the practice by 2030, at the current rate.

For the full article in the Telegraph visit:

For a short campaign video from Plan UK charity, click below:


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