Freedom Shropshire Newsletter, Edition 24, August 2016

Freedom Shropshire Newsletter, Edition 24, August 2016.

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Many brain injuries caused by domestic violence go untreated

CHICAGO — There are no bomb blasts or collisions with burly linemen in Susan Contreras’ past. Her headaches, memory loss and bouts of confused thinking were a mystery until doctors suggested a probable cause: domestic violence.

A former partner repeatedly beat her, she says.

"He would hit me mainly in the head so that nobody would see the injuries. He’d hit me in the back of the head so the bruises wouldn’t show," the Phoenix woman said.

The abuse from her ex-partner took a heavy emotional toll, Contreras says. But even though he sometimes knocked her out, she hadn’t considered that her brain might have been as damaged as her psyche.

Brain trauma in domestic violence survivors has been overshadowed by concerns about injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan war vets, and by effects of repeated head blows in football players. Experts believe many cases go undetected and untreated in abused women, making them vulnerable to problems with thinking, mood and behaviour.

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Jo: Freedom Shropshire Team.

Axis is currently seeking a counselling supervisor to work 2 days per week

Axis is currently seeking a counselling supervisor to work 2 days per week.

For full details, and a printable PDF, click on the image below:

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Jo: Freedom Shropshire Team.

NHS Future Fit – Meeting health needs in Shropshire – Animation Video

NHS Future Fit is about meeting health needs for everyone living and working in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and mid Wales.

Local patients, doctors, nurses and other health professionals are all working together to improve care at local hospitals using the latest medicines and technologies that will last for many years.

An animation video has been produced for the public and is useful in helping to explain, in simple terms, what NHS Future Fit is, why services need to change and the benefits that change might bring.

To view this video, visit the NHS Future Fit website or YouTube:

Jo: freedom Shropshire Team.

Easy access to online porn is ‘damaging’ men’s health, says NHS doctor

A top psychosexual therapist is warning about a surge in the number of young men suffering sexual health problems because of online pornography.

Angela Gregory says more and more men in their late teens and early 20s are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

She puts the blame on people becoming addicted to watching online porn.

There are no official figures but she says a lot of the time it is via smartphones and laptops.

For more on this story and to view the Newsbeat documentary – Brought up on Porn – follow the link below:

Andy: Freedom Shropshire Team.

Dame Helen Mirren calls on the public to Walk4 a world without domestic violence

Actress Dame Helen Mirren has urged people to take to the streets to help bring domestic violence “out of the shadows”.

Refuge has organised a 10km walk across four bridges in London next month to raise vital funds for the domestic violence charity, which has suffered cuts in funding to 80% of its services in recent years.

The Oscar winner called on men, women and children to take part in the event and said that the march, on September 11, would be “an act of protest”.

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Jo: Freedom Shropshire Team.

Making a difference: Myer launches a ‘Give Registry’ service to help victims of domestic violence get a fresh start

Renowned Australian department store Myer have extended their gift registry service to women and families who are victims of domestic violence.

The nationwide community-giving programme, launched on Monday and in association with The Salvation Army, has invited Myer customers to buy items from the department store and donate them to needy women and their families.

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Jo: Freedom Shropshire Team.

Forced Marriage Campaign, Day ten

Regional Training

Jo: Freedom Shropshire Team.


Domestic violence victims are disappearing from homeless statistics

Just 1,390 people are counted as homeless because of domestic violence, but government figures tell only half the story

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that 14,780 households in the UK were accepted by local authorities as being statutorily homeless between January and March 2016, an increase of 9% on the previous year:

This is defined as a household that is unintentionally homeless and in a priority need category (such as having dependent children). But the government’s statistics only tell half of the story. We know very little about the people who are not accepted as homeless, and even less about those who are never even assessed.

At Centrepoint’s youth homelessness databank, they are increasingly worried about the people who go unnoticed. Since April, they have been recording why young people are contacting them for help in relieving their homelessness. The stories they hear make for sorry listening: the vast majority of those who call them looking for help because of domestic violence have already sought help from their local council but have been turned away.

For more on this story visit the Guardian website:

Jo: Freedom Shropshire Team.

Forced Marriage Campaign, Day nine

Number of countries

Jo: Freedom Shropshire Team.


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