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Police backing speaker at stalking conference today

Stalking can take many different forms, some of which may seem minor in nature, but taken as part of a series of actions can have significant implications on victims’ day to day activities.

Leicestershire Police has sponsored a guest speaker, Jennifer Perry, director of at a Harassment, Stalking, Cyber-Stalking and Familial Homicide conference taking place on Monday 27th April.

This conference comes the week after National Stalking Awareness Week (April 20-24) and National Stalking Awareness Day on Friday, April 24, 2015, which focussed on raising awareness of the crime of stalking.

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Domestic violence victim in China wins death sentence reprieve

A Chinese court has suspended the death sentence of a woman who killed her husband after suffering months of violence at his hands, in an unusually high-profile recognition of domestic abuse that activists hope could pave the way for more change.

China has little history of tackling domestic violence through the justice system or practical assistance for victims, but Li Yan’s case garnered huge public sympathy.

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Men wear bright red lipstick in campaign against rape and domestic violence

In Australia, men are wearing red lipstick to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

They are taking part in a global campaign called Red My Lips.

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Domestic Abuse Can Deny Women Their Vote

The Chief Executive of the national domestic violence charity Women’s Aid has highlighted that domestic abuse could be denying women their right to vote and explains how this could happen:

The deadline for registering to vote in the 2015 General Election is today (Monday 20 April). If you don’t register, you cannot vote. Much has been made of the fact that 9million women didn’t vote in 2010, and that more women than men are undecided about which party they will support: winning women’s votes is a key objective for all the parties.

And everyone who has the right to vote also has the right to be empowered to do so.

But that’s where there is a hidden problem – one which, in 2015, still means women’s right to vote is restricted. Some women cannot vote because it is too dangerous for them to sign up to the electoral register: retaining anonymity when signing up to the Electoral Register is complicated – and, in some instances, impossible.

For some survivors of domestic violence, anonymity is a matter of life or death.

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Inquiry calls for domestic violence and relationship education for primary school children

A new report has concluded that the fight against domestic violence and abuse in Birmingham must begin at school.

Communities and families must also challenge abuse and play a part in dealing with it across the city according to councillors.

According to surveys by Birmingham’s Community Safety Partnership there were 25,000 cases of domestic violence in Birmingham during 2013. But over the same period police recorded only 8,657 offences – showing the violence is seriously under-reported.

The vast majority of those 25,000 attacks were against women, although there are thought to be up to 3,500 attacks on men.

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A play that tackles domestic abuse plans to go on nationwide tour

An actress has gone behind the scenes to write her first play – tackling the subject of domestic violence.

Francesca Joy, 25, hopes to raise awareness of the issue which costs society £5.5billion each year.

Francesca has won Arts Council funding to take her drama workshops into prisons, in a bid to improve communication skills for people leaving jail.

In addition, Francesca’s play ‘You forgot the mince’ is to be performed as a rehearsed reading at Slung Low theatre company’s The Hub venue in Holbeck, on April 10. She plans to take the production on a nationwide tour.

She said: “Domestic abuse comes in lots of different forms. I know far too many people who have suffered from it and want to try and raise awareness and make a difference through theatre.

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Domestic abuse campaign in Wales warns on ‘crossing the line’

Viewers online will be invited to click at the point where someone has ‘crossed the line’

A domestic abuse TV campaign is inviting viewers to spot the warning signs where someone appears to "cross the line" from banter to abuse.

The adverts show a man belittling his partner in a pub, and a woman in a restaurant being distracted by phone calls and texts from her partner.

Public Services for Wales, Minister Leighton Andrews said "emotional abuse" needed to be recognised and tackled.

Tighter laws to prevent domestic abuse were recently passed by the Welsh Assembly.

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Council awarded national quality mark for parenting programme

Shropshire Council is celebrating after being awarded the CANparent Quality Mark from the Department of Health for its ‘Understanding Your Child’ parenting programme.

The CANparent Quality Mark is the only quality standard that has been developed for the parenting sector, by the parenting sector. It’s awarded to organisations who are developing or delivering universal parenting classes.

Shropshire Council’s ‘Understanding Your Child’ programme offers parenting workshops and groups which provide easy to implement, proven parenting solutions that can support families to understand their children’s behaviour, improving relationships and prevent future problems before they arise.

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