‘I grew up in darkness’: reformed perpetrator urges New Zealand to end domestic violence

Vic Tamati calls on men to break the cycle of violence at a rally in Auckland protesting the death of a three-year-old

A New Zealand man who abused his family for decades has made a rousing call for country to become a domestic violence-free zone. In a powerful speech in Auckland on Sunday, Vic Tamati, an anti-domestic violence campaigner, admitted to beating his own family members for 38-years. Speaking at a protest against domestic violence sparked by the death of a three-year-old at the hands of his carers, Tamati, a former domestic violence perpetrator, details his realisation that ‘I wasn’t supposed to bash up my kids’. Tamati said he knew no better, as he was beaten with a machete as a child by his own father.

“The last one I bashed up was my eight-year-old daughter, because she didn’t go to school,” Tamati told a 1,000-strong crowd.

“All I thought was, ‘as long as I don’t bash them the way my dad bashed me’. My dad bashed me with a machete. And I chose not to bash my kids with a machete, but I did everything else. I didn’t know any better, I thought I was OK.”

Tamati was speaking at a rally calling for an end to child abuse in New Zealand, following the death of three-year-old Moko Rangitoheriri at the hands of his carers last year.

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Woman killed her two daughters after fleeing to refuge, court told

Samira Lupidi, 24, admits manslaughter of 17-month-old Jasmine and three-year-old Evelyn but denies murder, jury hears

A woman stabbed her two young daughters to death a day after fleeing to a women’s refuge in fear of her partner, a court has heard.

Samira Lupidi, 24, cried as jurors were told she admitted the manslaughter of Jasmine, 17 months, and Evelyn, three, but denies murder.

Bradford crown court heard that Lupidi stabbed the two children in their beds with a 25cm kitchen knife before telling staff at the women’s refuge: “If I can’t have them, he can’t have them either.”

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Mental Health Awareness Week – Theme – Relationships

Mental Health Week is a UK event aimed at raising awareness, to educate the public about mental health issues and to promote better mental health.

MH Badge

This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness week is Relationships.

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New film reminds Russians Not to Turn a Blind Eye to Domestic Violence

BBDO Russia launches poignant new film with ‘Family Matters’ aid centre

“He beats me means he loves me,” is a common excuse for domestic violence in Russia. There are no statistics for its victims, no criminal rule. Even witnesses don’t get involved: “Lovers’ tiffs are easily made up again”. According to independent estimates, almost no one realises that such an attitude causes thousands of deaths each year.

From the experience of “Family Matters” psychological aid centre, domestic violence victims are rarely capable of solving their problems by themselves. As a rule, they justify their tormenters or prefer to keep it secret. Thus, it is extremely important to change public opinion and tell people how to behave having spotted signs of domestic violence.

BBDO Russia Group and the “Family Matters” psychological aid centre created a video warning people not to turn their back on a woman being beaten in a family.

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Jealous boyfriend who controlled ‘every aspect’ of his partner’s life is sent to jail under new law

A Merseyside man who “controlled every aspect of his victim’s life” is among the first to be convicted under a new domestic abuse law.

Adrian Charles Lee, 21, was jailed for six months for the new offence of controlling or coercive behaviour in a relationship.

The offence came into force at the end of last year and is particularly relevant in domestic abuse cases, where there is psychological and emotional torment which stops short of violence.

Lee, of no fixed address, told his 39-year-old victim to block her ex-partner on her phone and on her Facebook account and told her not to see him.

He also admitted to using violence against her on three separate occasions, causing a bruising and a cut to her eyebrow which needed medical treatment after he had pushed her into a wall.

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Walsall domestic abuse charity closes

A charity which offers advice and help to victims of domestic violence has been forced to close down due to lack of funding.

The Walsall Domestic Violence Forum, which formed in 1992, closes on 4th May, with group leaders claiming a lack of money has forced the decision.

The news comes at a time when domestic violence in Walsall is increasing and the borough council are pledging to spend almost £900,000 on tackling forms of abuse.

Walsall North MP David Winnick has described the closure as ‘devastating’.

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Bexley firefighters help victims of domestic abuse

There were 94 cases of arson in domestic abuse cases across London in 2015

A ground-breaking scheme has been launched by firefighters in Bexley with the aim of helping victims of domestic violence to rebuild their lives.

The course – Families Inspire Respect Security and Trust (FIRST) – offers help and information for parents requiring psychological support, as well as those needing assistance in accessing education and employment services.

Children are also taught a range of life skills, including first aid, online safety, healthy relationships, mental health wellbeing and team-building skills.

Bexley firefighters set up the course due to concerns about the number of domestic violence cases involving arson, which numbered 94 across London in 2015, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The initiative is the first set up by the UK fire service to receive the prestigious ‘White Ribbon’ status for work in the community on domestic abuse.

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Domestic Abuse – One Day Conference

Domestic Abuse:

Different People, Complex Causes, New Approaches

Friday 13 May 2016, The Midland Hotel Manchester, Peter Street, Manchester, M60 2DS

Domestic abuse is an area of high importance, but also a controversial field with overarching debates around the role of gender and the effectiveness of interventions for people who use abusive behaviours and violence in their intimate partner relationships. Often victims are held responsible for their partner’s abusive behaviour resulting in the long term impact on their own health and well-being as well as their role as a parent…….

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National Stalking Week – 18th April – 24th April

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We’ve got stalkers in our pockets

A study has found that more than a third – 36% – of stalking victims are tormented via cyber methods.

Carried out by YouGov and commissioned by the Suzy Lampugh Trust, the poll surveyed 4,054 British adults.

It found that more than 18% of women and nearly 8% of men have suffered “repeated and unwanted contact or intrusive behaviour” which causes “fear or distress.”

The study, titled The Stalker in Your Pocket, found that the 36% of stalkers who choose to harass people online are using apps such as email, Facebook, Twitter, dating websites and apps, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and Snapchat to get to their victims.

The research uncovered what the Suzy Lamplugh Trust called the “massive scale” of stalking, both online and off. It was released ahead of National Stalking Awareness Week, 18-24 April.

Researchers Dr. Raj Persaud and Dr. David said that social media is being used as a “new weapon” in stalkers’ armoury – a weapon that we can’t escape.

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